Plan B

Plan B is a simultaneous turn-based tactics game, where you make a plan for your team of agents, and watch it play out in real time.

With Plan B, I wanted to make a game which could recreate the feeling of satisfaction when something goes according to plan. I also wanted to get the player thinking tactically and considering all the interconnected systems in the level before committing to a plan.

Each system in the game went through a lot of iterations, with the main aim of keeping the game as elegant and accessible as possible. One of the most unique features of the game is the ability to to align your team through use of Go-Codes, by linking their paths together. This means one agent will wait until another agent has completed an action before they both move forward to the next section of the plan, leading to a chain reaction of events and the coordinated movement of your team. Enemies can also activate go codes, allowing player to wait until an enemy has their back turned before moving

Below is an overview video of the mechanics and gameplay, and also a prototype of the game, with a tutorial and early version of some levels

I worked on design, code, art & UI
Software Used: Unity, Gimp & Piskel

Download from here


Plan B Cover.png

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