Topographic Map Generator

Topographic Map Generator was made for ProcJam 2016.

I wanted to make a visually interesting map that could be procedurally generated but still feel uncluttered and hand made. I decided to use a different approach to the standard Perlin noise method most commonly used in procedural maps, as they tend to be very variable in their height and very visually noisy, especially when only using a limited number of colours. I focused on creating a very minimal map, with mountains being more spread out and rivers, trails and places of interest filling out the less mountainous areas. The mountains are made by generating a number of points around a circle with random offsets. This acts as the “peak”. From here the mountain is spread out and works its way outwards, adding in some offsets to make things feel natural. When complete the mountains will merge together if they overlap. Roads and rivers are the placed using a A* pathfinding to wind their way across the map

I worked on design, code, art & UI
Software Used: Unity

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